Here We Go Again | Meme

Here’s that mandatory New Year blog post

It’s exactly one week and one day into this blissful new year. Hooray 2018!

Since my commitment to regular blogging habits last year, I figured it’s just about time for that #NewYearNewMe post. I mean, all the other blogging kids are doing it, so why not?

First of all. This is me:

She's changed | Meme

Now, that’s not to say I haven’t, or won’t change, but for what this one week and one day into 2018 is worth, I’m pretty much just taking everything as it comes.

I know a lot of people that said 2017 was as close to good as Eve eating that apple was for women everywhere, but I found it to be more of a mild trash can fire than that burning house in the “But first” meme.

What I mean is – 2017 was good for me. Good can always become great (and if trash can fires are anything to go by, a lot could’ve been better), but I’m extremely grateful that I can revel in the beauty of good, for now.

I find myself loving the person I became in 2017 so much, that I’d like to hold onto her for a bit longer.

She did things that I honestly thought I was too far from ever achieving.

You know that feeling? Imposter syndrome? Where you know you’re built for greatness but everyone, their aunt and social media subtweets keep you second-guessing and doubting your glory? Yes, 2017 was definitely a year of, “just start” for me and I’m extremely grateful I took those leaps as small and ungraceful they may have been.

I guess for this year, I just want more of that growth and surety in myself.

And maybe (definitely) a bigger bank balance.

And probably less guilt for liking fried chicken and potatoes in all forms.

What are your resolutions?


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