Do you even blog, bro?

I’ve long been a fan of blogging. Or at least I think I have. I work in a space where words are my weapon and writing isn’t as much of a hack for me as most people.

One look at my blogging history, however, reveals a totally different story. If I have to be honest, I’ve wanted to “be a blogger” of some kind for the last 5 years. Why all the blank pages then? Like do you even blog bro?

To be honest, my thoughts aren’t scarce at all. Most of my people know I’ve always got at least 20 going on at once.

I’m an ENFP by personality type, and if you know anything about that Myers-Briggs stuff, you’ll know I’m all about ideas, people, what could be, and what gives your heart a soul-boosting arrhythmia.

Having created this blog (one of 3 over the last 5 years), I really thought this would be the space that finally houses all of the stuff going on up there. This morning, I had to face the hard truth that I haven’t been as intentional about my “great idea” as I should’ve been from the start.

Kevin Hart | Shit Got Real | Meme

Intentionality is something I seem to reserve for the “important stuff.” For work or freelance projects that people need me to help them with but (as is evidenced in the last five years of non-blogging) never for myself.

Maybe I’m going through one of those epiphanies where I’ve realised it’s not just about how well you do “out there” but also the good work you do for your soul that counts. Growth | Meme

Maybe you’ve also had a moment where you’ve just had to take a step back and say, “Come on now, is this the best you can do? Really?”

Given our disposition as millennials where it’s all “post now, ask questions later,” I really wonder when in all the noise we find the time to be intentional and authentic about why we do whatever it is we’re doing. Or maybe, you’re a spectator watching everyone else around you find that thing while you wonder “is this real life?”

Yes, it’s easier to post a meme to describe how we feel rn because “omg, look it’s totally me” but is that all there is to us? More importantly, is that all you want to be about? If the eternal optimist inside me is anything to go by, I’m willing to bet some of my hard-earned coins that answer is a no.

My point is this:

Being intentional takes work and time. It takes vulnerability (and probably a lot of moments wondering if you’re just rambling and waxing lyrical for more than people care to read.)

I don’t want this to be another side project that simply falls by the wayside because for once, I think I’ve really found a way to translate the voice I always hear in my head (and unintentionally vocalise through facial expressions at the worst times).

Nervous | MemeConsider this a re-introduction if you will. To how I navigate the uncertain world of adulting, how I get down and dirty with my thoughts (and the courage to put them out here), to being intentional about doing the thing.

I hope you have a thing, or are considering starting one that isn’t work-related and that it gets your little cardio-vascular muscle beating furiously. Because sometimes that’s what we need. A bit of “I don’t know, but it feels right” to get us going.

Yes, I blog bro and you’re definitely going to see a whole lot more than you asked for if I can help it.

– A



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