Well hello and welcome to the space I’ve dedicated to trying to figure out what this adult life is all about.

My name is Amanda and if you’re here, I hope you enjoy reading the thoughts I’ve shared on my experiences (because if it’s not online, did it really happen?).

I joke, but really this space is just about sharing some of the highs and lows we all seem to go through. I don’t get it right all the time and instead of wandering through my thoughts alone, I figured let me just put some of them out there. Who knows, maybe some of it will resonate with you too.

There’s stuff on the working world and finances, a bit on fitness (read: the food I eat when I’m trying to be healthy), some music reviews and some other bits and pieces that I find myself busy with as I do this life thing.

Feel free to let me know what you like (or loathe) or if there’s something you think I should cover. Comment, engage or just troll the site like most of us do on the interwebs anyway.

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