Entergalactic is…A beautiful, black love story.

When I read the description on Netflix two weeks ago, I already knew this would be one to add to My List. Not because the movie artwork definitely matched the title, but that it matched the three description points too: Offbeat. Mind-Bending. Musical. That last one made me raise an eyebrow, and so I had to find out more...


It’s giving, “been up energy.”

There's something about good energy that actually can't be explained in words. And yet, here I find myself trying to put that into context as I describe BNXN formerly known as BUJU and his latest offering 'Bad Since '97'. If you're like me, you've probably been following BUJU for a couple of years and just waiting to see what he'd do next, given the massive success of Sorry I'm Late and the unmistakable track, 'Never Stopped'. But this isn't about that (and will give you a moment to catch up if you're late too 😉), it's about how energy, as simple as it is to understand can be a game-changer in just about anything.