Entergalactic is…A beautiful, black love story.

When I read the description on Netflix two weeks ago, I already knew this would be one to add to My List. Not because the movie artwork definitely matched the title, but that it matched the three description points too: Offbeat. Mind-Bending. Musical.

That last one made me raise an eyebrow, and so I had to find out more. What could this offbeat, mind-Bending, musical hold in store? Just the story I mentioned in my title. A beautiful black love story (but make it animated and in a graphic novel style for the nerdy girls in the back, and the ones that are cheering YAS to giving the people what we want.

Jordan Peele style if you know what I mean.

More black faces. More black love stories. More black EVERYTHING pls.

After a few moments, you’re both captured and captivated as you enter the galactic story of an animation you wish you’d seen more of growing up. It’s the return of The Man on The Moon while enjoying this funny, witty, and well-executed movie from the mind of Scott Mescudi.

An All-Star black cast, some familiar names from the music scene and yesteryear (90’s babies unite!), and just a great escape for a Friday night or rainy (or not so rainy) day.

This is a #NoSpoilers Space so I’ll end this short review here, but do yourself a favour and light one, get lifted or whatever the cool kids are saying these days (or don’t, no judgement), and check it out on Netflix.

Oh, you can also download the soundtrack, so do yourself a favour and add it to your music library too. I Guarantee, you won’t be disappointed 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾.


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