It’s giving, “been up energy.”

There’s something about good energy that actually can’t be explained in words. And yet, here I find myself trying to put that into context as I describe BNXN formerly known as BUJU and his latest offering ‘Bad Since ’97‘.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been following BUJU for a couple of years and just waiting to see what he’ll do next, given the massive success of Sorry I’m Late and the unmistakable track, ‘Never Stopped‘. But this isn’t about that (and will give you a moment to catch up if you’re late too 😉), it’s about how energy, as simple as it is to understand can be a game-changer in just about anything.

BUJU’s energy, and I must refer to the former here, was unmatched, to begin with. Subtly, and smoothly, with a voice, ear, and talent for production, the now 25-year-old is back with even more confidence than you’d think. By confidence, I mean absolute and sheer talent that speaks for itself. This gent is in a league of his own. And I’m here for all of it!

There’s something about someone sharing really, what’s the true essence of who they are with the world, but in a way that makes you feel good about yourself too. Or maybe instill the confidence that comes with ease for someone like BNXN.

‘Bad since ’97’, is a 7-track EP, and a short 21-minute trip into the blissful and talented mind of its creator. I have to say, I don’t know if I’m angry, or just really really impressed that it’s easy hits from the moment you press play, or that it ends so soon. Call me a fan? Absolutely yes, with my chest. And if you’re not, please have your ears checked.

What I appreciate about BNXN and this EP is that it’s not overstated, but really does what the title says. The title track, tells it like it is, and the visual accompaniment shows BNXN represented as a young mogul very much within his bag. Maybe a bit on the nose, but can you blame him? Like I said, not overstated, just saying it like it is.

I really enjoyed how Bad Man and Many Ways then change the trajectory of the EP. Very subtly and smoothly. From the percussion, drums, and trumpet(?) and layering of the singer-songwriter’s unique voice, it’s like he knew placing Many Ways just in the middle, featuring the one and only Wizkid, would be the perfect middle ground between his re-introduction, and the rest of the E.P.

We’re already familiar with Wizkid, but maybe it’s how the Many Ways showcases the energy I mentioned at the start of my rambling. You can just feel the vibe in this track, and I can only imagine how incredible that studio session must’ve been. Just vibes, no competition, and doing really what both of these men love to do. Bless us with great music.

After the jump, and I won’t even begin to say I understand what Kenkele means, but I understand it, if you know what I mean.

Alongside Wande Coal, is it too much to say you just know the vibes will be impeccable from the start? If the lyrics “I’m living my best life, nobody can tell me nun” are anything to go by, then, like me, you don’t need to understand anything in this song really, other than you should be vibing out and living your best life, too.

It’s the vulnerability of In My Mind that took me to a place, that felt kinda familiar, but different hearing it from the perspective of a young man that’s worn his heart on his sleeve since the start (In my mind anyway). What I mean by this, is that BNXN has always had an honesty to his music, be it as a producer, or taking on the mic. It’s always, unmistakably him. And like I said, if you don’t get it, get your ears checked.

The heat gets turned up again, on the track Modupe, which in my mind, sounds like a prayer. A slow start with vocals you can’t deny (you know who), and then a really slick rap from Olamide. Again, I only understand what I understand but I can feel the energy, and God in this track. Corny? Maybe. But true nonetheless.

Why I dey flex? Yes
And I put my right hand on my chest, yes
By the grace of God, man, I’m the best, yes
Leave all of them haters, make dem vex, ’cause dem no go rest
E be why me I dey flex, yes

It’s only fitting this delectable 7-track EP ends on a slow wind down on Loose Emotions. After taking an easy trip – through growth, hitting a high with one of thee best in the game, chopping life, dealing with the emotions that come with heartbreak, saying a prayer, and then bringing it all back down to feeling something again…it’s only 21 minutes, but it’s damn good if you ask me.

As I said at the start, it’s hard to put something like good energy into words, but I think BNXN, as a multi-talented musician in all respects, has really been, Bad in all the best ways possible, since ’97.

Check out the EP today, and let me know what you think. I’m obviously a fan, but I’d love to hear what it sounds like in your mind too.

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