It looks like I’m writing about music again.

This is the moment I’ve been waiting for.

As I wrote that title, I literally breathed a deep sigh of relief, because it’s been months in the waiting to be able to do this again. 

Not that I haven’t been inspired or moved by any music lately; there’s oh so much I can’t wait to write about, but more because I’ve felt unable and inadequate to talk about a thing I love. Something so close to my heart, that has really been a friend that’s pulled me through, and I’m hoping finally, out of the place I’ve been in.

Not because I don’t love writing, but because I’ve been learning and trying to understand how my journey with myself has changed how I feel about a lot of things I love deeply. I’s brought up questions like: do I still like writing? (the answer is yes, because, if you know me, and you’ve ever spoken to me about music, you might make this face because the music chat is *that deep* for me.

Sure, everyone loves music, in its various styles, and phases which tend to match up as, and when we need it most, so I guess I’m not special in that way. But music, especially now, and also always, has been a friend that knows exactly who I am in a moment, even if I’m not ready to acknowledge what that means in real-time. 

So it looks like I’m writing about music again. About what I’ve learned, and what music has taught me about myself in in the last couple of years (because it’s really been that long since I’ve been in this space for real, because of life, and life and life).

But, I’m back, and open again, and willing to share my words and thoughts in a way that I hope brings you something you enjoy reading or coming back to. 

At the very least, I hope you find something new to enjoy in the sonic sense, if you haven’t already been attuned to (see what I did there?) some of the gems and artists I’ve found or revisited in the last few months. I hope it brings you what it brings to me: A feeling I can’t quite describe but I know I need, always and always, however I find it, and with whatever it does to me in the space I hear it for the first time.

So to start this off again, and hopefully, not for another years’ long hiatus, we have a tune by Jim-E Stack featuring my dear Lucky Daye. This song literally came to me, after discovering who Lucky Daye was, and repeatedly listening to whatever I could find by the man (more on him coming soon). And while it’s different from what is evident of the neo-RnB singer’s profile, it was exactly what I needed when I heard it. Just somebody next to me. While getting over someone I thought would be. fvjk

The track and some lyrics below.

“Rolling, rolling when I’m breaking down

I don’t want you here to help me out

I just want somebody sitting next to me

Next to me

Know I got some things to figure out

If you gotta leave then do it now

I just want somebody who connects with me”


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