Trying to Adult

So like…what is adulting?

If you’re like me, the verb in that sentence has probably got you feeling some type of way because you’re also stuck in this limbo of trying to figure out how to do life, or “adult” as our generation has dubiously named it.

You’re somewhere in between the glory of independence and wanting your parent or guardian to just take care of everything from bills, laundry or just cooking a meal that actually has some nutritional value.

My name is Amanda. I’m a twenty-something-year-old recent graduate perplexed by this phase of life I currently find myself in. Now, to be ‘perplexed’ by something entails some bewilderment and while that is most certainly true, I’ve found that “adulting” is a encapsulated by that feeling and more.

At times, it’s the joy of being youthful and surrounded by an infinite number of possibilities because we’re so young, right? But it’s also trying to figure out a brave new world not even our own parents had to face because of technology and social media.

Essentially, we ‘millennials’ are a generation without a blueprint or map of how to do, well, anything. And while that leaves us in the position to create and do exciting and innovative things that our parents could only dream of, it also leaves us with this burning question – what is adulting?

If you’re able to answer that question then you probably should move right along or risk finding yourself rolling your eyes at “these people that just can’t do anything”.
But if you’re somewhere on the other side, wondering how you got here and if you’re doing it right, then I invite you to join me on a journey where I’ll be trying to figure out this adult thing one day at a time.

Let’s talk about the world of work, finances, fitness, romance (lol, what is bae?) and all the other things that really make us by far the weirdest generation of adult humans to date.

Let’s figure this out the best way we know how – kinda just hoping for the best.



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